The first winner of the Crack the Code Challenge is:

Dean Knight
Supervisor of White House Operations
Museum of the Confederacy
Richmond, Virginia

    Well done, Dean! Dean was the very first to submit a correct translation of Mrs. Greenhow’s message. A signed copy of Wild Rose, Civil War Spy has gone out to Dean Knight with the author’s inscription and heartiest congratulations.
                                                                                                             --June 9, 2005.

Winner #2!

John Wilson
Clover, South Carolina
“An amateur cryptographer and excellent computer programmer”

Winner #3!

Patrick Foster
Wichita, Kansas
Amateur cryptographer, computer programmer and “Kryptos fanatic”

Winner #4!

Tom Jones
Brighton, Michigan
Amateur cryptographer

Winner #5!

Jean Sheedy
Alsip, Illinois
“Armchair treasure hunter”


                    Thanks to all the contestants for their good work.



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